Today I had to present my term’s work to two tutors and my classmates – my depleted classmates that is, reduced by kidney infections, work, trips to Amsterdam and goodness knows what else. It was fun anyway. And I got to think a bit through the journey I’ve been on over the last two months. It was also interesting to get reactions to my changes to the sculpture. I hadn’t been sure that what I was doing with the canvas was working which was confirmed by the tutors – Sarita and Faye. Sarita certainly had seen what I was trying to do initially without my explaining it to her and so I listened to her advice to find some other support for the wire drawing. I have no idea what is going to happen and I need to finish it soon because we have an end of term exhibition (whoopee!) but I’m looking forward to it. I realise more and more though how much I’m going to miss this when it ends – the camaraderie, the support and feedback. Sigh. Circumstances are what they are and for now I can’t continue with studying but it has been wonderful and I’m so glad I did it. Anyway, here’s where I got up to and tomorrow it will be undone so enjoy for now!

Copper wire and paint on canvas


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