A visual journal recording my attempts to learn to paint and draw and make pictures, good pictures. I’ll (hopefully) be putting up something everyday until the end of 2012.

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    • Thanks 🙂 Not much story really – just thought for most of my life that I was not creative and now that I’m a bit older (not a student!) I want to try to learn the things I’ve always wanted to do – drawing and painting. I thought that putting it on a blog would be a good way to give me the impetus to keep doing it and not give up (I’m dreadful at giving up on things).

  1. Found my way back here. Have you thought of taking classes? The chances are they are available. It’s well worthwhile to get feedback on your work. You draw well enough that this can be helpful to you, but without it you, like us all, risk staying doing the same thing for ages. Having said that, I found starting to blog itself acted as a catalyst for experimentation. Just a thought from my own experience.

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