Today has been a filling day – filling up on interesting images and the sense of satisfaction and fullness after doing some enjoyable work: playing with wire to see how to make a mobile in the same vein as Alexander Calder. The pic is below of course, with a wire face of the sort I have posted here before and some metal sheet triangles at the back that are harder to see. Once I have worked how to properly link them and what kind of metal to make the shapes from and then which paint to use – phew! – I should be on my way to having a mobile.

I’ve been looking at books too, of Alexander Calder, of course, Sol Lewitt, Rose Hilton and Paula Rego. Such a lot to see and very inspiring – if I wasn’t quite so beat then despite the fact that I’ve been at college all day, I would pull out the inks and watercolours and do some drawing. But I really do have to get to bed so maybe, hopefully, tomorrow!



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