Gearing up

These are the last couple of days of the Christmas holidays now – back to college starts on Monday and even though I feel as tired as ever I did (where oh where did my lie-ins go?!?) I am really looking forward to going back. We’ll be doing some more sculpture and printmaking and painting (hoorah!) but also video/time-based media stuff and ceramics neither of which I have ever done and am looking forward to immensely. I haven’t been idle on the art front although there are no drawings to show – rather I’ve been reading and looking at things. I bought Seven Days In The Art World in the Kindle sale and it has been a discomfiting read. It’s not a world I could feel happy in or comfortable about. Not that it matters since I will not be part of it but it does beg the question of how I would like to be an artist, what that would look like in my life. Poor, I suspect!

Ah well… I’ve also been idly looking at other artists, trying to see what I like, what I want to do. There are a number of artists who excite me visually – Paula Rego is fairly important to me right now and I need to get hold of some book on her. This is feeding into a personal project that I need to come up with a proposal for and am currently not articulate about. Something to do with paint, probably figurative/narrative, silence/emotion? I don’t know how to connect all these things up into something coherent, more’s the pity.

Anyway, no picture today! Much apologies – normal service should resume Monday after first day at college.


4 responses to “Gearing up

  1. Try to avoid the crying “poor artist” approach … it’s contagious! I found an incredible site ‘The Abundant Artist’ driven by Cory Huff, my unofficial mentor.
    I’d like to read more about your read – why it didn’t sit with you? What was it that rubbed you the wrong way, so to speak?
    Honestly, I’m missing your sketches but am grateful for the social media world of allowing me to be witness to your journey.
    Keep writing; keep sketching. Your day is coming!

    • Hi Karla, thanks for commenting! You gave me a lot of food for thought over the weekend and I had a look at the website that you mentioned too. I think that you are right that I should have given more reasons for my discomforts – not least so I can articulate for myself what the problems are and I can’t do that clearly yet so a better response to the book – and you! – is coming when I get my head around it. But many many thanks again!

  2. Ref “the question of how I would like to be an artist, what that would look like in my life?”I already think of you as an artist. So… how would that continue to look like in your life if you don’t need to find time for college?

    • Ah… I don’t know Pam, I am quite dependent on the structure of college at the moment and haven ‘t given much time to thinking about when I’ve finished. But it would be better to do that before I find myself there I think! Thanks for that, I have had a lot to think about this weekend!

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