So here I am, at the last drawing of the year. I remember vividly how despondent I felt this time last year – that i’d set myself a goal that, really, I just wouldn’t be able to do and I should forget about it. January 1st this year, I had pretty much persuaded myself not to bother even starting and it was only my blessed other half’s encouragement that got me to post the first drawing. If you look at the post, you’ll see I wasn’t very gracious or happy about it!

It took a while for me to begin to enjoy the process, of drawing, of blogging. But then wonderful things have come from it: I’ve learned so much to start with, I’ve started going to college to learn even more, my drawing has actually improved(!), I’ve met new people who are now friends, my life is looking in a completely new direction and I love it, I really love it! I am still scared sometimes, there is still so much to learn and there is the fear that I will never be able to get onto paper/canvas/whatever the subject of the art that I am called(?) to make. Which makes it sound mysterious and ephemeral but isn’t – I simply mean me being me, seeing through my own eyes truly and visualising it to others.

I’m not sure I’ve made it any clearer at all! But I am happy to have got here, happy to have made this journey and happy to be carrying on too. So as to that, I shall be posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through 2013. I think that should give me better focus, a little more thinking time and hopefully with the stuff I’ll be doing it will make more sense than trying to post a quick snapshot every day.

Thanks for bearing with me through this year, for the encouragement you’ve given by liking my posts, following my blog and commenting. These have been real boosts and helped me stick with it. See you in 2013!

Digital painting on iPad


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