It’s me, staggering to the finish line there and looking a lot thinner than I do in real life (there is chocolate just littering, I mean littering, our flat and it’s not funny). I can’t quite believe that tomorrow I reach the end. I will keep blogging next year (never fear my dear, faithful, astute and discerning readers!) but probably not in this daily format. It is tiring and I don’t know how people do it as a job, although presumably they spend more time on it than I do currently. I watched a very interesting documentary on the Moomins writer and illustrator, Tove Jansson, who for 6 years wrote and drew 6 Moomin comic strips a week for international newspapers. As soon as she was able to she gave the work over to her brother. Anyway, here’s me running – memorise it or print it out, you’ll never see it in real life… unless I’m chasing a bus. (Which does happen and isn’t very pretty to look at!)

Digital on iPad


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