10 days to go till the end of the year – it seems to have whizzed past!

Today’s drawing is a little cartoon I did for our Christmas cards this year. It’s a quick ink and watercolour which I’m quite pleased with. I drew the lines with a bamboo pen and tried to make the lines afresh rather than tracing the pencil underneath which is what I normally do and then ruin the drawing. It’s one of the things I have learned properly this term at college – that each drawing is a ‘new’ drawing and must be approached as such. I know that Quentin Blake does this and just keeps drawing drawing and drawing each picture afresh until all his ‘spontaneous’ lines fall into the right place. I’m afraid I wasn’t that critical with this – I did it once! Ah well, next year I WILL be more organised and do it earlier. Anyway, from me and mine, here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

Ink and watercolour on paper



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