I’ve been cleaning today, doing all the things I’ve been putting off for the last few weeks. Wait – who am I kidding? The last few months! I hate cleaning and tidying and invariably get grumpy. Still, I must say, the flat looks great, so if you know me now is the time to make an impromptu visit! That said, I didn’t finish my desk because I had to help the eldest finish off her homework which is due tomorrow (takes after her parents there. Sigh.). So I’m begging pardon as I’m posting yet another drawing of my absurd bird. At the same time I’m wondering how to loosen up in my drawing and art-making generally – I find it hard to let go and just do. I was never one of those kids who ignored the lines when I was colouring in and I never wasted stickers – I kept them for that ‘special project’ which was never the one to hand and, thus, never used them. I’ve been gently told to loosen up a few times, the trouble is I don’t actually know how.

Ink on paper



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