After all the stress, I submitted quite a bit of work today for the show in a week’s time (eek!). I still have a couple of bits to do for Friday so the pressure isn’t entirely gone but is reduced and that’s lovely! I also have to think about next term’s project which we need to choose for ourselves. This is difficult; it needs to hold my attention for the whole term and I would like it to help lead me further into where I want my art to go. I’m not asking for much – just my life’s work! 😛

Here’s today’s daub: an abstract painting I did, primarily investigating textures on the mixed media board I made. It has canvas, various fabrics, camera negatives, a piece of slate, papers and sandpaper on it. This is one of several abstract pieces I’ve done recently and abstract is not where I saw myself going as a painter. More thought required there!

Acrylics on mixed media



2 responses to “331

    • Thanks Rita! I think that I struggle with abstract because it doesn’t seem to hold any meaning for me… I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone else! But I need to find meaning or pursue other ways of painting more doggedly I guess…!

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