So the countdown is on to the little show that we have at college on Dec 3rd. I have to get into gear and get stuff done but what I find is that making art takes time – especially if you’re still figuring things out. Well, yesterday I bought some linen canvas in Lewisham, cheaper than I could get in artist type shops – and I have done a bit of paint splashing, embroidering and wire stitching on just to see how it looks on the linen. I like it: the colour, the texture, the feel – though I guess most people won’t be touching it but nice for me as I’m working. I experimented with a bit of PVA sizing, just one coat which doesn’t seem to make too much difference to the colour of the linen. I need to do a some more of these experiments/doodles, and fast, so I can get my work done. But I like the combination of the stitching and paint, though I need to use thicker thread for more impact and also be more aware of colour – these were random and they look it. The husband was a bit unconvinced about the wire which makes me hesitant but I love copper wire and had wanted to add a tactile/3D-ish element to the painting. Maybe with the right palette it would work better. There’s also some pastel here because I was reading Paul Klee’s article on Wikipedia and he seemed to have experimented wildly with different combinations. I think it adds a different texture but I don’t think you can really see that on the scan.

Pastel, acrylic, cotton and copper wire on linen



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