Sculpture on Friday and I’ve been worrying about the guitar and what I’m going to make it into once I’ve unmade it. Thankfully last night – when I was supposed to be sleeping! – I realised guitars lend themselves marvellously to the stuff I’ve been doing on soundwaves and urban space. I’ve decided to remake the guitar into a bird, songbird obviously, with wings that are (approximately) the soundwave of a guitarist busker in the tube. There is a constellation of things feeding into this – off the top of my head: song in spaces around us, how sound/humans travel and how music/song can transport us to somewhere else regardless of where we physically are.

My drawing is an attempt to see how this would look and is what I’ll base my work on for the next few weeks. I think that it’ll take a lot of time to cut everything up the way I’ll need it – the waves/feathers will be the front and back panels sliced up and that’s going to take time and care to do – and I want the object to be beautifully made the way instruments are; well, the expensive ones anyway and I can’t pretend the guitar I’m using was one of those! Hopefully the sketch will give you an idea of what’s in my head. At the moment its working title is Busker.

Pencil on paper


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