I completed another sketchbook page this afternoon. Hopefully might get another one done this evening but I have some paperwork to finish off too. Although it’s too early to say how the finished pieces will look, I’m already fighting a despairing voice in my head that is saying, ‘crap! Crap! Crap!’. It’s so strange because I’m enjoying making the sketchbook – why do I feel defeat already gathering on the horizon? Ah well, it might be the way things go or it might just be me but either way I have to ignore it and just keep going.

Pencil and cotton on paper


2 responses to “316

  1. Don’t listen to the despairing voice – it is of no help to you whatsoever. It’s lovely, delicate, work. The sewing through the book looks intriguing. I hope you’re bringing it in tomorrow? x

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