To draw really means to look thoroughly at something and try and capture that on paper, so when I draw I see the object more deeply than I would normally. Most of the time I don’t think that’s really reflected in what I produce  but hopefully as you get better at drawing, your ability to see more deeply and capture more of that onto paper increases. In the end it’s the artist’s seeing of his/her subject that we are drawn (!) to and want to engage with in a piece of art – which in turn helps open our own eyes to see something more in the world around us. Well, I suppose this is my current philosophy of drawing and visual art; I’ve no doubt there are plenty others! Perhaps articulating this will help me to focus my efforts more as I draw… You may well wonder where all this has come from this evening and the answer would be a spider’s web which I attempted to sketch this evening. It’s from a photo which is not the best way of drawing. Half the interesting stuff of a subject is usually flattened by the camera – especially in images found on the internet. Anyway, I won’t now wax lyrical about the web, especially with only an impoverished sketch to try and illustrate my thoughts, but they are quite beautiful and so very interesting in the way they are crafted, even if they are death traps!

Pencil on paper


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