Oooh! 300! That means only 66 to go to the end of the year and then I need to decide how I’m going to continue this blog. At the moment I don’t think I will keep posting daily. It’s been good for me for 2012 but I think that next year I will have to be working on sustained pieces of work and while I might take process pictures for myself it may be better for me as I develop the work to do so more privately. Just some thoughts!

Anyway, today I was in the printing studio trying to grapple with my feet woodblock in the morning (original drawing posted here) and then rushing around trying to get some drypoint done in the afternoon. The woodblock started off quite well but my lack of experience quickly showed when I tried to print my second colour – the registration was off which isn’t always a problem but I felt that it was for this piece. I also had a little bit of problem inking my second colour and that was due to my trying to re-damp the paper. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone around to ask and I should probably have found someone but instead I went ahead and promptly messed up. Below is the best of the lot. I was a bit dispirited with it all but on reflection I think that I like the process enough – despite its fiddliness – that I want to try again, perhaps even with this same drawing. But I need to rethink my approach with something more doable for a novice like me. Fortunately we will be having some extra printmaking sessions next half-term (hurrah!) so there will be a chance to get help there.

Gouache and nori paste woodblock print on Hosho paper


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