I haven’t been doing too much work on my Urban Space project but that that needs to change now: there needs to be some presentable work in six weeks time. I have been and continue to think about ‘urban’ and what it means, about buildings and space, about men and women and how we live and make our environments, about Maria Helena Vieira da Silva’s abstract paintings and my figurative work, about domesticity and crafts – particularly using thread of some variety. I don’t know how any of this is going to coalesce into pieces but I’m hoping that it will soon. I need to find a way of working through the muddle in my sketchbooks to arrive at something. I need to overcome my fear/apathy/confusion. Here’s a doodle from the first page of a small new sketchbook. I’m just working out how you use these simple shapes to create the impression of something that rises out of or pushes into the paper and my other concern is how to integrate line into this work. This is the first experiment and the failures will hopefully build up a pathway leading to where I didn’t know I wanted to be.

Pencil on paper


4 responses to “290

  1. Have faith that you already have the rich resource that is your sketchbook and your research has direction. You have been on other art journeys without knowing where they would end, which I guess is the point and all of the fun. Your doodle is a great start. Good luck and enjoy the process!

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