This isn’t my usual kind of drawing and in fact it isn’t my drawing at all really – it’s a copy of a Louise Bourgeois ink drawing on linen entitled Femme Maison from 1946-7. I found it interesting in the context of the project I’m doing on Urban Space. Woman house or House wife, it’s a pun of a drawing and yet it is more than that; I look at it and I see me. I am a housewife  and I have often felt invisible, hidden inside a domestic sphere. (Now I’m seeing my own version of the drawing – some kind of translucent ball containing a house with a woman trapped inside.) It would be interesting to know how men read this drawing and how much their reading depends entirely on their kinds of experience within the home. And if the drawing is unreadable to them, then what would that mean? And if you write this kind of thing are you opening yourself up to all sorts of accusations and/or jokes? Because I am asking a question and not assuming or judging what the answer might be.

Pencil on tracing paper


2 responses to “284

  1. Isn’t this funny – her little arm waving is jokey, yet absolutely poignant. I know exactly what you mean about the hausfrau thing, of feeling trapped in the house. I seem to have spent the past five years circling my house, only ever getting about half a mile from my front door in any direction. Very interesting.

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