It’s seems a miracle that I got this drawing at all so I will try not to be too hard on myself! The thing is: I’m wondering if and how I took a wrong turning on this one. It was a very simple sketch to start with, more or less one line to describe the form and I sort of got that down without too many wiggles from my two year old. She was eating with her other hand at the time which kept her occupied while I drew her other hand held in mine. After she went to bed I went over the line, trying to strengthen it in places to add weight and adding the cross-hatching underneath. I’m not sure that was a good move. And perhaps my line doesn’t very enough too – the husband says it has lost some of its energy – it is perhaps overdone even though there isn’t much to it to begin with. I’ll have to look at it tomorrow and see what I think.

Pencil on paper


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