A fantastic morning at the Tate modern – I found a couple of artists whose work I need to look into more: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva and Paule Vezelay, both abstract interestingly…

My drawing today is my husband’s hand which is part of the homework that I am doing for the drawing module of my course. I plan to do my daughters’ hands too and I need to do feet as well. Oh my! We’ll see how we go – I have to do them all before Friday :S  have not tried to do a super realistic drawing of his hand and I have done no corrections to what is here – it is what it is. I have tried to bring in some of the stuff I’ve been learning in class about varying the line weight to add interest and help the viewer to get a sense of what is closer and nearer and things like that. I don’t know how successful that has been – I will re-evaluate in the morning! The husband said that it is indeed how his hand will look in 20 years time. I am ignoring him…

Pencil on paper


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