This is another exercise from Friday – capturing one line to describe the model. I’ve only photographed the head because I thought it might be easier to get a readable image – pencil is so light and the picture is too large to scan. Digitising images gets harder the bigger they are and I cannot keep to A4 for the whole of my artistic life! We will be doing a photography module soon and it may be possible to borrow a DSLR camera from the college for a couple of weeks. I wonder how much difference this will make. But it is also true that I take my images at night – once the kids are in bed! – and this may also be a large part of my problem. The trouble is I know diddly squat about photo taking. I hope I will learn a whole lot on the module; I’m looking forward to it which surprises me.

As for the drawing, I concentrated too much on the face. I find it really hard not to draw the face but this kind of drawing is about the whole body and I should be keeping the face vaguer. I need to assess what my drawing is supposed to be before diving into habitual practices! But I did really enjoy learning about line in this exercise – shame you can’t see it in the photo!

Pencil on paper



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