Full on life drawing today – I don’t know how many pieces of paper I came out with but I’m posting the last one because it was the biggest surprise. We were experimenting with ink and wax resist, oil pastels and scalpels. I find this kind of drawing scary (no measuring! No light outline!) just going straight in with ink on a sponge after a bit of scrubbing with a candle, the marks of which you cannot see. I enjoyed it as I got going and later adding in the pastels – green and pink (sadly not visible on my photo) – but how to get the courage to even start outside the classroom? My drawing is generally ok, proportions are usually more or less correct and certainly recognisable. But it doesn’t fizz, make you see things in a different light. Maybe that’s also subject matter but I think it’s more my own quavering heart in the drawing. We’re being asked to try things, experiment, get to know our materials – and our own voices in the process I think. I need to get my courage up to be less afraid of a ‘bad’ drawing in order to find the more interesting ways to make art.

Ink, wax, oil pastel on paper



4 responses to “272

  1. Absolutely agree about the need to find courage to make mistakes and do something ‘bad’ so as to find something good. You see, you put it much better than I can. Anyway – your wax resist was great, I was lost in it – in a good way and a ‘bad’ way!

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