Ah St Jerome! I think of him as quite curmudgeonly for some reason that I cannot quite remember at the moment. However his Wikipedia page reveals that he is the patron saint of – among other things – librarians and since I am about to re-enter that profession (albeit at a very part-time, very lowly level!) I think I’d best be a bit more respectful! This is a copy of one of Rembrandt’s drawings and I have to say that in the original St Jerome looks a little more humble, a little more supplicating, with his head bent a little lower. But it’s a fairly minor thing. Rembrandt uses his chalk more decisively than I have done my pencil. He knows exactly where to put it thick and dark to get volume with just the right amount of line to pick out the figure. But then we have about 1400 of his drawings which we know are his – there  must have been many many more – and this is what? Number 270? I think a few more hundred and I might be a bit more decisive too!
Pencil on paper


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