I didn’t get too much done today, much to my frustration, and I’m too tired and too grumpy to do anything now. Bleh! Well, it’s a new day tomorrow and it’s back to college which I’m looking forward to! So, what did I get done? Well, I was thinking about my drawing from yesterday and how I wanted to add something to it and decided to add some embroidery to the drawing. It’s nothing very fine – my mother will be horrified! – but it’s a simple message in flesh coloured thread that says ‘I AM BATHSHEBA’. Not very eloquent but I couldn’t think how else to put across the message without myself judging and trying to speak for her – precisely the antithesis of what the whole piece is about. The point is that people look closer and see that she too was a person with her own desires, fears, loves and hates and, while the text doesn’t record them, we can imagine what they might have been without forcing them onto her. I don’t want to run on to much but I can point to Marc Chagall’s lithographs of David and Bathsheba (beautiful as they are) as the kind of thing I am going against: they depict a loved-up, starry-eyed couple. But who knows if that was the case? We only know that David desired her and David got her. His feelings tell us nothing about hers.

Carbon and cotton on paper (detail)


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