Lots and lots and lots of tidying up and cleaning today, but such is life eh? While we were all having a breather after lunch I asked the beloved to stand on a chair, hold a pole up to his eye and pretend he was looking down a telescope. He very kindly agreed; he’s like that. It’s a shame he couldn’t hold the pose for very long which is why there is only one arm but two hands in the drawing – he had to sit down, poor lamb. Anyway, what is this all in aid of I hear you ask? It’s a study for another piece in the Bathsheba series: David spying on Bathsheba at her bath. I don’t think I’ll do an image of Bathsheba bathing – at the moment, anyway – the story is sordid and I want to focus on that. But we’ll see; maybe there’s a way of doing it which would be true to the story.

Carbon on paper


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