Today was the first day of the Foundation course and it was great to be back in college with friends from last term and some new faces. In the morning we did a self-portrait by touch, trying out different materials to convey what we could feel of our faces. After lunch, in the beautiful sunshine!, we did some outdoor sketching in the nearby park. I remember how frightening it was a few months ago; it is so much easier now. Some things change more slowly: I’m still making the same fundamental mistake – not planning / measuring for the drawing. Aaahh! When am I going to learn?! The other thing I need to think about is placing my people in their environment. I so enjoy sketching people sitting, standing, running after toddlers, but they’re all doing it in white space. I’m not that keen on drawing trees and buildings and such like but I think I need to find a way of making them interesting to draw for myself. Hmmm. Anyway, here’s the self-portrait I drew with possibly my worst ever rendition of a pair of glasses!

Charcoal, white chalk, oil pastel and pencil on paper


2 responses to “247

  1. What you could do is draw toddlers running off, etc, but then put them in an environment of your own choosing, e.g., aforementioned toddler running towards a cliff edge with its parent trying to grab it.

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