This is another Bathsheba grieving picture that I’m wondering whether to make into a print or not. I’m not sure. I think yesterday’s is more powerful although I want to refine it a bit and print it properly with some proper ink and Japanese paper that arrived today. But whether I should I make another on the same subject I’m not sure. I have limited time and the painting needs a lot of work (my eldest and her friends say it’s ‘silly’ 🙂 ) plus I want to do a collage of the scene where David gives Uriah the message which seals his own death. Chilling, very chilling. I am finding David a very difficult character. Anyway, that’s where I am. The husband has given me all day tomorrow and Saturday to get finished as much as possible before Monday. I’m guessing it won’t matter if the work is not finished but I have a lot of ideas and I won’t to get them down into a physical form so they can see what I’ve been thinking and doing. The countdown is on!

Biro on paper


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