Today has been productive! I did a few monotypes with some ink that I had and the eldest girl had a go too and loved it. I’ve also started a painting which needs a lot more work but I am taking progress shots so I may put those up soon. The work is in response to the story of Bathsheba and David as I mentioned before and the print that’s below is called Bathsheba after the death of her child and I think this is probably at the heart of what pulls me to this story. Bathsheba’s only recorded words in the story – if I remember correctly – are in the message that she sends to David to announce: ‘I am pregnant’. There is nothing much said about her reaction to the child’s illness or death, only that after the death ‘David consoled his wife Bathsheba’ but this is after we hear David’s reaction, his rising, washing, anointing himself, changing clothes and eating and then a conversation with his servants. In my mind’s eye I imagine a point in time when Bathsheba is alone and unconsoled and this is what I’ve tried to convey in the print.

Monotype on paper


4 responses to “242

  1. Grief can be such a lonely experience … David realised that by indulging in his own pain he was isolating himself from his wife and what she was also going through. This monoprint is very powerful; thanks so much for sharing it and your thoughts about this theme and your ongoing art project! =D

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