I had the afternoon – or most of it – to try and do some work. It’s taken me all of that time to begin to get into the flow of things. I did some drawing and inks and finished off with watercolour. It’s hard not to be discouraged but I think the thing is to keep faith and keep patience – and I am really rubbish at patience. Waiting for my hands and brain to work things out on the paper is difficult. I feel like the grumpy mother I am, only I’m shouting at my own creativity (such as it is) to hurry up already! Having seen some wonderful things over the weekend and in the books I’ve been looking at for the last while, I know good when I see it, it’s just not appearing in front of me. Well, the watercolour I’ve started isn’t bad going for me. But somehow I know it isn’t what I want to paint. However, I’m going to carry on with it and try to push forward some in the hope that I will break through somewhere along the line to be a bit closer to want I do want to paint.

Pencil and watercolour on paper


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