I ended up doing some gallery visits today – the ones I had planned for Monday including the exhibition of drawings at the Courtauld Gallery, From Mantegna to Matisse. It was a last minute decision but despite running a bit madly from the Courtauld (lovely gallery, do go if you can) to the National Gallery and on to the British Museum, I had a really enjoyable and stimulating day topped off with a visit to the British Library to see Julia Donaldson. (If you have kids you’ll know, if you don’t, worry not!) The drawings were brilliant and it was a fresh reminder to me that seeing something in person is a very different experience to seeing it on the screen. The drawings were much more human to me in the flesh, you might say. I felt much more connected to them as works made by a person like myself. There were also some wonderful paintings, including a couple of Matisses (I’m still reading his biography by HIlary Spurling) and a Van Gogh. Anyway, I could go on (and on and on and on!) but I am really tired so I will just post this very quick sketch of a painting by Chaim Soutine, who I have not heard of before, called Young Woman in a White Blouse. There was something very quirky and endearing about it.


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