Hot hot hot! Wow, I haven’t felt so hot since I lived in India. The kids have turned brown in front of my eyes (not me alas) and everyone is drinking four times as much water as usual. We also had a bar-b-q today – of course! What else? – which was great fun. I could really see the British men ‘blossoming’, as it were, in front of the primeval fire as they poked the meat with sticks and made sure the chicken was cooked all the way through. So with all this fun and frolics you’ll be surprised to learn that I got round to doing a quick drawing of two of the aforementioned British men, Terry and Jonno. It isn’t very good but I’m afraid to say that after all the frivolity I haven’t the energy to do anything more. Plus there is a birthday party tomorrow for the eldest which promises to be insane; being disorganised as I always am does give these events an added ‘frisson’. Ooh la la!

Pencil on paper


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