I have been thinking about my project for college and I have some ideas that I want to try out – plus exhibitions that I want to go for. It feels exciting but I can’t do any of it yet – my in-laws (bless ’em!) leave on Wednesday evening after 5 weeks with us and while it will be sad to see them go I am looking forward to having my own space back and doing my stuff. These last few weeks, drawing-wise, have been a bit dry and difficult. I wouldn’t have had it any other way and I knew it was going to be difficult so I am glad that I got through it but even I am bored bored bored of my husband. Well … I mean to say … whoops! Anyway, here is the venerable chap himself again  but just think, dear readers, in only a few more days I may well have something more interesting for you; thanks for bearing with me!

Ink on paper


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