Today the kids and I went to that wonderful place, the library. I have always loved libraries and sorely missed them when I lived in India. They do have them there but they are privately owned and you pay for the books you borrow. Which is fine but the collections seemed slightly limited – certainly not quite the idiosyncratic assortment that you get in libraries here. But in a addition to the collection you can see, there are all the books you can’t see but can still get your hands on through inter-library loans. And there are also the DVDs, music scores, art books, IT access and the children’s reading schemes – the eldest earned herself a certificate and medal today for completing hers! Anyway, what does the paean in praise of libraries have to do with drawing? Well, my local has a little shelf of books for sale and I got a beautiful book on Degas today, for 80p! What a bargain! So today’s drawing is a copy of one of his called Woman on horseback. I confess that I didn’t read the title until after I finished the drawing and only then realised that the sort of light marks underneath her were the horse: I thought they were a bed. Ah well!

ink on paper


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