So having said you’d not hear a peep from me about the Olympics, I have succumbed this evening to a cartoon whim and drawn the husband and the in-laws watching various events this evening on TV. The only thing I can say in their defence is that although it is August here in London and the height of summer, it’s still a very British summer which if you’ve ever experienced one you’ll remember as the most temperamental rainy season you ever went through. The key skill is to differentiate between the many types of rain: spitting, light, very light, shower, downpour, or (my husband’s favourite) almost-like-monsoon-in-India! I think that for the latter to be believed you may have to have been out of India for some time, like, ooooh, 4 years. Exactly the number of years that we’ve been back in London, in fact. what a coincidence! It’s also true that when you live in India and come to this country for a visit you do feel as though you will never warm up again. I have indeed been there and I think this is why all these athletes need to come here and acclimatise. They probably head back to the Village after their events and get back into scarf and socks. In fact, leaning over to see the screen I can see some athletes standing at the sides of the stadium hugging themselves in cagoules/kagools (however you spell it). Ah, England!

Pencil on paper


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