I was a bit frustrated with my drawing today. I haven’t done any half-pleasing for a while and so I resorted to doing a blind contour drawing and then modifying it. The husband likes it – for, yes, it is he – and there is something to it I think. Hmmm. Well, at the very least, I have done the drawing for today and – gosh! – it isn’t even Olympics themed! Tomorrow the clan will be watching the opening ceremony on iPlayer. We don’t have a TV in the house for which  we save the princely sum £145.00 a year – the cost of the UK TV license fee. I can’t say that I’m feeling the itch to get one even with the Olympics upon us. I’m sure we’ll survive. So, I guess this little ramble is a pre-warning that despite living in the host city of the 2012 Olympics, it is extremely unlikely that anything approaching ‘sporty’ will jump (hah!) into these digital leaves. When I was at school, it took me half a minute to run 100m. Half a minute – on a good day.

Conte charcoal pencil and white pencil on paper


2 responses to “209

  1. Now I don’t feel guilty about not watching the Olympics. I haven’t watch the Olympics in over a decade. It seems like the Olympics have gotten more like Christmas, too commericialized and hyped up and the spirit of what it was intended for got lost.

    • For the first time ever I watched the whole opening ceremony with the family – kids, husband and in-laws. Did you see any of it? There was inclusion of most of British society in some guise or other, celebration of peacemakers and also of our beloved NHS – poignant given that the current govt are trying hard to decimate it. But I thought overall that it wasn’t too glitzed up and the flame at the end, made up of all the countries’ smaller flames was also good – more subtle, much more, than I had anticipated, and a good message. What did you think?

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