I cannot believe how busy today was. There really wasn’t time to be organised and what not so I decided to go with the flow of things that needed to be done and I rememberedd the iPad and the Procreate app that I’ve got on there; I thought I’d try that out again since I can’t get to anything I need right now. Well, that’s where Hetty has come from. Like her? I think she looks a bit worried!

In other news, I was offered a bursary to carry on to the Foundation course at college which is 2 days a week for the whole year. It’s quite a commitment and I can’t help feeling that I may be over stretching myself – the husband will be starting his Master’s in Jan, there are still the children to look after and I really do need to get a part-time job now that the baby is nearly 2. But on the other hand – will next year be any better? If I let the course – and the bursary – slip through my fingers now by being practical, will I regret it later, especially if the funding is withdrawn which, in the current climate, is very possible? I decided that I have to try and maybe it will be tiring and heaven knows how lazy I am – I do love a quiet life! – but I’m 34 and I’m beginning to see that the time to grab opportunities and try things out has to be now.

And in other other news, today is the husband’s and my wedding anniversary – 10 years of utter bliss and harmony. Well, no, not really, but near enough 🙂 I look back and think we were babes in the cradle saying our vows but it’s been good, good, good. And part of the reason I am on this little art journey is because he has encouraged me. So there you go, but I better stop now – this is turning into an essay!


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