Ah, you’re wondering (those of you who notice such things) why I am posting so early in the day; it’s not even dark yet but here I am putting up a drawing! Well, you see, it’s like this. When one has family around, more than the normal amount that is, one is required to be somewhat more organised. If I could keep it up when the family reduce to normal quantities I would be most proud and productive. Anyway, I have moved my computer and scanner into the kids’ bedroom where the husband and I are currently ensconced (very cosily) and have done some little creative fiddling and here we are with a self-portrait drawing in wire. All done before tea-time because after that is bath, story and bed and then I won’t be able to get my mitts on the equipment! The lesson here, boys and girls, is that nonetheless I will not learn my lesson. Alas.

(Yes, I’m still thinking about Calder and when the rain gives up I will be popping outside to think about my aforementioned project. I scanned the wire, it hasn’t come out brilliantly. A good photo would be better, but as you know, I can’t take a good photo :S )



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