No progress on my mobile project today – I’ve just done a little pencil sketch of a man from my head. Kind of. What you get on paper is not quite what you have in your head, is it? It’s interesting that way: you cannot know what you’re going to come up with. Or at least, I can’t. I have a feeling though that the ‘style’ is quite done and I didn’t do the distorted large eyes intentionally. I haven’t done much drawing out of my head though, as regular readers will know I spend a lot of my time looking around my four walls for something to draw, anything, anything at all, and it is usually my husband. But I think I will try this more because I guess that the skills and knowledge that you build up in drawing from life are to be used in this way – to create images from your head which of necessity only you can draw. Hmmm… Well, something for me to ruminate on I think. I’m not sure what images are in my head but perhaps that will be the biggest surprise of all.

Pencil on paper


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