Another quick sketch today – of the husband at his desk, for a change. Sigh. Anyway, our veranda (sounds posher than it is, I promise! This is south London after all) has been painted nice and new and is looking very respectable. I thought that I might get some hanging baskets but I’m not very green-fingered, alas, and we don’t get much sun. So on second thoughts I decided that I’d like to make some wire drawings type mobiles to hang, maybe something like Alexander Calder‘s work. I’ll make them mainly from wire and paint them I think with some bright colors. I’m quite excited about this small project and it’ll be a good stepping stone as I move to doing more self-directed work after the course finishes on Friday (boo hoo!). Anyway, that’s the plan and hopefully it’ll make for more scintillating viewing than endless sketches of my wonderful but perhaps over-exposed husband (although not in the photographic or nudist senses of the word you understand; of course).

Pencil on paper


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