Yesterday I achieved official half-way mark status – and completely forgot about it. Ah phooey! Today is the start of my second half of the year – I can hardly believe that I’ve got this far! Anyway, onto the drawing because time presses on and all that. There weren’t many options this evening so you did nearly have yet another portrait sketch of my beloved husband who is of course endlessly fascinating to me but perhaps not so much to you. Where am I going with this? I just remembered that my drawing is of my shelf – my red Ikea Billy shelf. I’m wondering if I’m saying that the shelf will be of more interest to you than my husband. Hmmm… I don’t think he’d be too offended actually – my husband really loves shelves; it’s his answer to almost everything: “Honey, I don’t have enough space!” “Let’s get a new shelf!” “Honey, the kitchen window fell off its hinge!”* “Let’s get a new shelf!” Well, here’s one of the shelves that he got for me and brought back from Croydon Ikea on a small trolley on the tram and bus and then pulled up our long slope of a road all by himself!

Pencil on paper

*It really has and I think it’s finally going to be fixed this week – without us having to buy a new shelf.


4 responses to “184

  1. congrats on the halfway mark! i did a little posting every day myself and learned quite a bit!

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