Well, back at the easel today. I have to say that painting is really, really hard. I’m thinking that next year’s project has got to be painting everyday or I’m never going to get it. Today’s effort was better than last week’s which never saw the light of day because I covered it with gesso but still… Chin up! The subject matter wasn’t really my choice but it was fun. We were introduced to Peter Doig’s work (see his wikipedia page, gallery page and Tate page for images and stuff) which uses photos as references (sort of) and often has slightly surreal elements. We had to combine drawings of two objects – plastic dinosaurs or parts thereof, I kid you not – into one object and place this new object into a landscape inspired by a photo. Well, the result is as you see which is not finished. There;s supposed to be a house in the top right section but I only got to putting a block of colour. My ‘object’ was the most finished thing in the picture, and it was fun to paint. I did actually laugh at what I was doing. Some of the others in the class actually managed to pull some really good, weird and atmospheric painting out of the proverbial bag. But alas, not me. Still, I am learning and that’s what this is all about. I will try and finish this and I do have to try some other paintings with the sketches I’ve been doing. I really do want to learn how to do this!

Acrylic on paper


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