I now have one blue eye in my stitched self-portrait drawing thingummydoodah. I like it, I do, though I’ve never been one of those girls wanting to exchange her brunetteness for the blonde hair/blue eyes combo. It doesn’t really appeal to me personally – I guess that’s why I married an Indian: lots of lovely brown! Anyway, (dear me!) on the drawing, it makes that eye ‘pop’ somewhat. I think the whole thing is coming along and the way the stitching is now interacting directly with the drawing also seems to be working. The worry is always the wrong move that might ruin it. I have to try and remember that this is play, fun. working things out, and not get too hung up on things. The problem is: the more I like it, the more possessive I become over it. But let go! Breathe! It’s a drawing – not dying your hair; that would be serious!

Inkjet print and cotton on tracing paper


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