200 days to go! Round numbers are so nice, aren’t they?

Well, tonight I carried on embroidering my face  – it feels as though I doing a kind of tattoo and as I’ll never have one in real life (needles! yech!) I’m enjoying this pain free version. I did some cross-stitch in orange. Alas, you cannot tell that it’s orange from my scan. I tried doing some adjustments with both the scanning software and my photo-editing program. To no avail – I just can’t get the colours to show themselves as they are. A better scanner and a DSLR camera are both currently on my wish list – along with the knowledge to use them instantly importing into my head without my having to struggle and learn anything; it’s a wish list after all! So here it is:

Inkjet print and cotton on tracing paper


2 responses to “166

  1. I know what you mean. My scanner is decent but hilariously small and I have to scan most things in sections and piece them together later. All this modern technology is wonderful stuff for us artists but its a lot of money and learning time.

    • It really is – I’ve spent time than I care to remember trying reading up on colour spaces etc and I still don’t get it! I would really love for someone to be able to do a practical hands on type explanation of how to scan and edit different types of image, watercolour, line drawing, ink and wash, acrylic.

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