I was lying in bed, supposedly trying to sleep, when it occurred to me that I didn’t really want to draw my messy hair round my face. Nah, even with my new – albeit aging – haircut. So I’ve started stitching lines on to it. Wait – I printed it on to tracing paper first, 1. because it’s easier to sew into and 2. because you can see through it to the threads behind which I like. Tonight I’ve only done a little bit of red but I plan to add lots more, both stitching and colours. I like it so far, a lot. Stitching feels very homely to me and I dunno, I like how it looks too.

Inkjet print and cotton on tracing paper

P.S. Just realised I’ve been getting the numbers of the posts wrong, sheesh! And none of you spotted it, or at least, no one told me. It’s like getting home and finding loo roll stuck to and trailing along behind your shoe…


4 responses to “165

  1. Tracing paper, what an excellent idea! Love the effect of this piece – maybe you could stitch veins and wrinkles onto other portraits? (NOT that I am suggesting you are in any way veiny or wrinkly…it’s just an idea!).

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