Yesterday I was thinking about making my drawing of an inanimate object exciting. Today I thought I’d experiment with some of the techniques we did in class two Fridays ago. I used brown paper and a photocopy of one of my old drawings (which you may recognise dear [regular] reader!) and drew with some pencil, charcoal, pastel (of some unknown type lurking among my stuff) and coloured pencil finishing up with watercolour over the top. There were some bits I didn’t like and I tried to knock it back, as they say, but it was not willing. The pastel thingy which was a reddish brown didn’t go with the brown paper and wouldn’t go after I determined so. In the end I put on a watercolour wash to try – not entirely successfully – to steer the colour in better directions. Well, I’m not yet sure what to think of it but the Husband likes it. Which is not to say that he likes everything I do. I wish he did. I think. Hmmm. Do I? No, I don’t think I do. I’ll stop gabbling now!

Pencil, charcoal, inkjet print, coloured pencil, collage and watercolour on paper


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