I’m not quite sure about today’s effort. It’s the broken glasses again – but both bits this time. As I was drawing it I realised that I wanted to make the drawing more exciting somehow but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. With people, knowing they’re alive (hopefully!) and having them caught in some pose makes them dynamic already before you put pencil to paper; You’ve got a head start, sort of. But glasses don’t really do that much, except sit on your face if you’re lucky and somehow I never have been that lucky. Mine do have a tendency to ski down my nose, something I tried to rectify recently with interesting results: the little mild ear ache is a price worth paying I suppose. And it has clarified for me that the distance from my ears to the front of my face is definitely shorter than the average. But! I digress. Ummm, yes, the point is I need to find a way to approach these kinds of drawings and it maybe that if I find some kind of answer here I may be more willing to try drawing new things, things other than the usual suspects. You know who I mean…

Pencil on paper


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