I would’ve been earlier putting up this post but the Husband insisted I watch some comedy with him – I think he thought it might cheer me up after all his terrible jokes. Frankly, I’d thought I was in for the St. Paul’s service with annotations so a sigh of relief there. But I’m still dog tired after a night-time visit from the eldest and then hullabaloo at dawn. Why don’t these children sleep?!

Here’s my drawing – it’s an attempt at a clamp used by scaffolders. I really ought to have tried it again but… maybe tomorrow. I hope so – it’s been a bit of a poor run lately, I feel. Anyway, there’s lunch tomorrow with friends and I don’t have to go to ballet tomorrow! Hooray! Not for me you understand – it’s the eldest’s class but I loathe waiting outside in the corridor trying to entertain the munchkin by reading Maisy’s Train ad infinitum. So things are really looking up!

Graphite on paper


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