I’m sure you have been wondering after my ecstasy over the jubilee water thuingummy whether I watched the jubilee whatsit concert. I did, yes, I did. I sat on the sofa with my beloved after the chores were finished and we got the iPad and opened the BBC iPlayer app and off we went. It was a very interesting experience; not because of the music, or the comedians, not because of the fireworks, the splendiferous lighting on Buckingham Palace or the Mexican wave down the Mall, not even due to watching Rowan Williams waving his flag in the Royal box – not even that! Nope, it was because the Husband, to whom I have been married for 10 years next month(!), had read everything anyone on Twitter had said about the concert last night, memorised it and then quoted it at apposite moments during the concert, laughing until tears squeezed out of his eyes as if he’d read the witty comment just at that moment. What is there to say to that? Quite. Moving on:

A self-portrait since the Husband pointed out there have been rather a lot of drawings of Himself with the iPad and  people might get the wrong idea. Ahem. I left him playing Angry Birds (a game to which we are very new. Today in fact) and got the mirror out. But really, it is all just to show you my new haircut. Sorry no experimentations with papers as yet – am still tidying my desk. Sheesh, what a job.

Graphite on paper

P.S. I hadn’t quite finished this post but had to take a short break while the Husband showed me lots of tweets regarding the St Paul’s jubilee service. He is really living it up tonight!


5 responses to “157

  1. I’ve always been a big fan of the band Yes, and was hoping to hear a guest appearance of keyboardist Rick Wakeman play the grand organ at St. Paul’s…but I do not believe he made the party list, nor do I believe the Queen is or was ever into progressive art rock, but I could be wrong.

    • I don’t think she’s quite their demographic – indeed neither am I but the Husband certainly is and I had to sit through a 3 part (I think?) series on prog rock made by the BBC. Don’t know if you’d have caught that your side of the pond. I have to say that Rick looked splendid in his cape but the rest eluded me … 🙂

  2. I love your self portrait but today for sure its your writing that has made me laugh too much! I wish you’d called the rest of us round for the concert. I would have so enjoyed the other halves commentaries:-)

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