Today at college we were using collage in our drawings which I hadn’t expected – I thought we were starting painting! Ah well, that comes in two weeks’ time. I was not really sure how I would find it and it was difficult – I think we all found it so – and because the drawing ‘grew’ organically as we worked on them using coloured paper, charcoal & chalk, photocopied sheets of the drawing in earlier stages it was difficult to imagine what the outcome could possibly be. Seeing the way ahead was hard but Gillian, our tutor today, had helpful suggestions and I was pleased with the end result. I felt that the drawing resolved its problems and the point at which it became completed was obvious to me – and not, as it mostly is, just a vague decision to stop. It isn’t really a pretty drawing but the scan makes it look worse than it truly is – apologies! It is largish and I had to scan sections and ‘piece’ them together with not enough time to do it properly. Tomorrow I am off to my cousin’s wedding and we will be staying overnight so I am going to write post 154 today and schedule it – ah the wonders of wordpress! Hope you have a nice, ‘jubilant’ weekend – especially if you’re a subject of HM Queen Elizabeth II and are celebrating diamonds. What?!

Charcoal, chalk and collage on paper


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    • I see what you mean! I think this is one of the great things about blogging your work – other people help you see it differently 🙂

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