I am really late tonight but it’s the husband’s birthday and we were so civilised I can’t tell you but I will: we had some friends over for drinks although nobody had the wine; almost everyone went for the cordials with sparkling water and one person had pepsi max. PEPESI MAX?!?! I ask you.

I was going to draw the husband again as a special birthday tribute but it just wasn’t working so I went to the living room/lounge/whatever you call it and drew the little IKEA table with the bowls and glasses. It’s not a great drawing but, as they say in India, what to do? So I’ll leave you with that!

Graphite on paper



4 responses to “151

  1. Hi. I like your blog. I’m doing something similar with painting, although I am too busy to do it every day, but I try. I’m on painting #40 (they say your first 100 are crap and to get them out of the way as soon as possible. Anyway, our blogs are similar, so I thought I’d say ‘hi’.

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