More feet, sorry! I wasn’t happy with my drawings yesterday so I thought that maybe it was the carbon pencil. It’s kind of sticky and I prefer smooth I think, like graphite and pencil. How odd! Anyway, I haven’t spent much time on this and I only did the one drawing but I think it is better than yesterdays… or then, I’m not sure. I was just looking at it and… there is something about it that is different… Gosh, ellipses are not my style so I think I’d better leave my ‘analysis’ there.

In other news, the husband’s birthday is tomorrow! He will be opening some carefully selected pressies tomorrow – no doubt at an earlier hour than he would like seeing as how the eldest gets stupendously excited at birthdays – anyone’s, though, of course, especially hers. I’d better get some sleep now!

Pencil on paper


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