There’s a strange hum in the background here – it’s the husband, making music. Indeed, another ordinary evening here in the Chandy household. I meanwhile have been playing with wire. I have been thinking about the sculpture stuff that I came home with yesterday. Julian, my tutor, had suggested that perhaps the two components of my piece could be two pieces. I think he’s probably right – and having thought so much about them, they have definitely become two pieces in my mind. The wire drawing of Serena is just like the embroideries that I was doing a few years ago that you can see on my flickr account (scroll down!), just bigger. I do have some linen so I’m going to finish it off by making into an embroidery. The other part is some old Victorian slate that I have drilled holes into and intended to embroider with copper wire – in fact I started trying that out and you can see it in the photo – but I have some other ideas now that include weaving. You didn’t know I was a textile aficionado did you? I am; I do love cloth – embroidering it, crocheting it weaving it. I’m not a great knitter but maybe I should give that another go. Anyway, I thought that I would give you a photo of my beautiful slate tonight and hopefully later next week I’ll have an update on it’s progress.

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Slate and copper wire



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